Audio Examples

Use the SoundCloud player to hear mixing and mastering examples.

NOTE: All "After/Before" tracks start with the mastered version, and then switch back and forth from the unmastered version so you can hear the difference.

Mixing and Mastering

Mixing and mastering are the processes performed on your recorded tracks (bass, guitar, piano, vocals, etc.) to transform them into release-ready songs. In a very general sense, this will include balancing and enhancing the individual tracks, and then bringing everything up to commercial volume.

Listen to the below audio example of "K(no)w" by Fragile Utopia as we follow it from the raw recorded tracks through the mixing phase and then to the final master:

Unmixed (0:00 - 0:09), Mixed (0:09 - 0:24), Mastered (0:24 - End)

Viking Guitar Productions has access to a wide range of tools to handle mixing and mastering of your project. My studio is fully acoustically-treated and balanced to ensure a consistent listening experience across any sound system. Perhaps most importantly, my goal is to deliver to you the end product that YOU want. I will be engineering to your specifications.

How It Works

Whether I will be mixing or mastering your project (or both), the basic process is the same. After contacting me and locking in the project, you can transfer files to me either through Dropbox or WeTransfer. Audio files should be at least in 44.1kHz/16-bit .wav format.

Along with your file(s), please send me a text document or email with some direction as to what you want the end product to sound like. This can include several songs from other artists that you would like me to use as reference for certain elements (eg, "I want the guitars to sound like this song"), or just general notes about what you're aiming for. Also in this email/text document, please include the tempo (BPM) of the song, and any measure markers and BPM changes throughout.

After I receive everything, I'll get to work. Once I have a first draft completed, I'll send it to you as a high-quality .mp3 file for your review and further direction. Once you're happy with the final file and have completed payment, I'll use WeTransfer or Dropbox to send you the final .wav files. Final delivered files will be 44.1kHz/16-bit unless otherwise requested.

SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS FOR MIXING: Please make sure that each individual instrument is its own .wav file, and that all of these files will line up properly if played simultaneously. If you have a project that was recorded in a live setting with all musicians performing at the same time in the same place (ie, if tracks have bleed from other instruments), that's fine. However, if you have a studio-recorded project with six guitar lines and all of them have been bounced to a single "guitars" .wav file, that will make it much more difficult for me to get you the results you want. Also, if your project was recorded/arranged with Logic Pro or Reaper and you have access to the session files for the recording, I can take that entire project file. You can always talk to me in advance if you have questions about preparing your project for transfer.

SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS FOR MASTERING: If you are sending an already-mixed stereo track for me to master, please don't include any "cooked-in" loudness-enhancing processes like limiting. Using some compression, reverb, etc for personal taste is fine, but just remember that I can't undo audio processes that have already been applied to the file. Also, if you want your track to fade in or out, please do NOT do this before sending it to me. Just let me know how you want the fade to work, and I will handle it in conjunction with the other mastering processes I apply to make sure there are no hiccups. Lastly, I would prefer to have the stereo .wav file peak no higher than -6dB, though I can work with less headroom as long as nothing is clipping.


For mastering work, my prices are as follows:

  • Single track: $45 USD
  • Two to four tracks: $40 USD per track
  • Five or more tracks: $35 USD per track
  • Additional alternate versions (instrumental, edits, etc): $15 USD per track

For mixing work, the pricing will depend on the scope of the project and cannot be quoted without talking to you first. Here are some factors that I take into consideration:

  • How many songs in the project?
  • How many instruments/channels per song?
  • Does the project need to be cleaned up (aligning hits and timing of performances)?
  • Do you have raw MIDI that needs to be processed through virtual instruments?
  • What is the turnaround time for the project?
  • How much editing (cutting/splicing/fixing timing problems) is needed?

For all projects, I require half-payment up front.

Note that I will offer discounts for clients wanting both mixing and mastering for the same project.