Erik Peabody

Music has been the primary driving force in my life for over twenty years. I started by playing guitar in local metal bands in the Santa Cruz, California area, and soon developed an interest in audio recording and composing. Since that time, I have been lucky enough to share the stage with incredible musicians and be involved in some amazing projects.

My music has been featured in promotion material for Supercell's Clash Royale, Marvel's Super Hero Squad Online, Survios' Raw Data, and several released and forthcoming indie games . I have done audio work for 2K Games, and have had the opportunity to work with veteran game composers Jesse Harlin and Alexander Brandon.

Outside of game audio, I have done session and production work for a large number of bands, most recently providing rhythm and lead guitar tracking for debut OUTERBURST EP "PHASE A: KAISHI" and creating MIDI orchestrations for the forthcoming Brain Drill album "Endless Iniquity". My guitar and voice work has also been featured on several Street Cleaner releases. I have mastered multiple albums and compilations, including two of the five discs of the recent Chronicles of Time compilation, which was featured on the front page of iTunes and was reviewed in Forbes and Polygon.

As Viking Guitar, I have been remixing classic game music and horror/sci-fi movie music since 2008. My remixes have been featured on the Spectrum of Mana, Shell Shocked, Harmony of a Hunter, and Vampire Variations compilations (among others). I perform solo shows in the Bay Area of California, and have performed twice with my full band at the MAGFest music and gaming festival in National Harbor, Maryland.

I am always looking for new projects to expand the limits of my creative and technical potential. I look forward to talking to you about how I can help make your project knock the pants off of your audience. In the meantime, take a look at some testimonials from clients and other musicians I have worked with throughout the years.

Client Testimonials

"Working with Erik was great. He's an exceptional musician and composer, able to write and iterate quickly based on feedback. We needed something incredibly specific and had a tight deadline. Erik was able to give us exactly what we wanted within both our budget and our time frame. He worked with me tirelessly over a weekend to hit all the beats we needed, and the end result speaks for itself. Everyone on our team loves the track!"
- Shane Kneip, Survios

"It was a pleasure working with Erik. His knowledge and expertise at mastering made my debut album a breeze. He was in constant communication with me every step of the way and helped bring my creative vision to life. Affordable and professional!"
- Aaron Hickman, Dya

"Erik is one of the best engineers I've had the opportunity to work with. For our Ecco the Dolphin compilation, Sound Waves, not only was he able to transform nearly three hours of music from 36 completely different groups and artists into a single cohesive album, but he did it promptly and to the highest standard of quality. In every interaction we've had, he has been professional, friendly, accommodating, and eager to help create an end-product specifically tailored to our needs. I look forward to working with him again on future projects, and I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a skilled musician or top-notch audio production."
- Ian Luckey, Patient Corgi

"After coming to a dead end with my own knowledge of mastering, I decided it was time to search for help. I started searching around and came across Erik's website, and after listening to his previous work I decided he was the guy for me. I sent him an email and within what seemed like minutes, I had a response and he was genuinely interested in helping me out. He has absolutely brought my tracks to life, and gave them exactly what I was looking for. He was willing to work with me and listen to suggestions, and answer any questions I had. He is an absolute professional, and this whole experience has been a pleasure. I will continue to work with Erik on any and every future project I have."
- Matt O'Rourke, Musician

"Let it be known that Erik is a fricking god. He's been mixing a song for me and some friends and has been super accommodating for our super picky tastes and has FRICKING NAILED IT on every draft he sends us, even dealing with our oftentimes contradictory opinions."
- Travis Teitsch, Musician

"Erik produced an amazing soundtrack for Dungeon Hearts. The quality of the score has been a talking point in every game review I've encountered. Erik was easy to work with and remained enthusiastic throughout the entire project. He was a cheerleader for the game as much as a musician, from helping test the game to live-streaming it for his followers. Also, I've heard he has a secret sixth finger on each hand just for shredding."
- Chris Pavia, Cube Roots

"Erik has provided custom and licensed tracks for me on multiple games now. Each time we started with a very professional Skype call so he could access the needs of each project. Erik really understood and implemented on my feedback at every stage, and worked closely with me to get to the final piece. Erik is now one of my go to composers when I need original music for my games. I am incredibly pleased with his results."
- David Logan, Game Producer

"Erik (Viking Guitar Productions) was a tremendous boon to my project. He worked diligently to realize my musical vision and was highly adaptable, expertly navigating multiple setbacks (with the source files) which could have otherwise been ruinous. My EP has gone from an amateur bedroom production to a professional-sounding album."
- Ian Ferguson (DREHG, "The Wolf You Feed")

"Viking Guitar Productions was an absolute joy to work with. He took the time to work with me on the fine details of my needs. Didn't talk over my head, made multiple revisions and was pleasant though out the process. Worth the money, nuff said."
- Retro Shred

"Erik is one of the best communicators I've met, and his work is on par with or better than every other mastering engineer I've worked with. He was able to complete our project rapidly and with very few revisions."
- Francis Roberts, Old Man Wizard

"I couldn't ask for a better composer to work with than Erik. He was hired by me as an emergency replacement for another composer and proved to be more than capable of accommodating the hectic demands I had for him. Despite the tight deadline he had working for me, he was able to produce high quality music still with a faster turnaround rate than I expected. Not to mention he always had a pleasant attitude and an encouraging can-do spirit. I would highly recommend Erik for anyone's music needs anytime!"
- Gozie Okoro, Animator

"I had the pleasure of hiring Erik to be my assistant on Mafia III. He tackled a bunch of MIDI clean up for me, liaising between myself, the part prep contractors, and our Pro Tools session prep crew. Erik was the epitome of professionalism, everything you'd want in an assistant. The moment I have a chance to hire him again, I will."
- Jesse Harlin, Dunderpate Music

"Absolutely stoked on the synth parts added to our newest Brain Drill record. Erik at Viking Guitar Productions did an amazing job and added that extra atmosphere to our sound. If you are looking for mixing, mastering or some tracking and session work by a very dedicated person for a super affordable price, go to him."
- Dylan Ruskin, Brain Drill

"I had a blast working together -- it was always fun and exciting to see what you would send me next because it only kept getting better and better. The final product came out fantastic and I couldn't be happier. If and when I need more music I am definitely come straight back, you've got a new client for life! 10 out of 10 experience and I would recommend you to anyone!"
- Andrew Fowlkes, Tiger Mane Entertainment

"Working with Erik has been great. His guitar performance for the OUTERBURST debut really took the overall sound to the next level. During the mixing phase, working on his tracks has been smooth and easy, because he really nailed the vibe and energy of all tracks; his performance has been simply stunning, he worked fast and with great attention to details. Besides his stunning guitar performance I've been impressed by Erik's willingness to be part of the project to get the most out of it. Serious professional and amazing guitar player, I look forward to work with him again on future productions."
- Santo Clemenzi, OUTERBURST

"Erik is one of the most professional musicians I have worked with. He has uncompromising quality control over every project he works on, and approaches complicated situations with a great headstrong ethic and enthusiastic resolve. Oh, and he took me to a rad pizza place once."
- Jesse Bishop, Street Cleaner

"Erik was more than willing to provide me with guitar tracks on songs for my Dungeon Hearts soundtrack. I was impressed by how quickly he worked. He completely nailed it - exactly what I wanted. Definitely a great guy to work with and I know I'll be coming back to him if I ever need some immaculate shreddage."
- Sam English, Composer

"Viking Guitar (Erik Peabody) is a phenomenal guitarist and musician who would be a great addition to any team. His technical knowledge of his instrument has helped immensely in shaping and improving previous works of mine. Erik continuously provides tracks in a responsive manner, each with his own sense of unique creativity. If you're in need of a guitarist, the choice is obvious."
- Christopher Foss (Pyro Paper Planes)

"I worked with Erik during the Spectrum of Mana project, where he contributed both musically and in building our websites. He is extremely proficient as a musician and for all tracks he had ownership of, there was never any doubt or micro management necessary for him to complete them. He is easily one of the most talented artists that I know, so giving him total control over what he wanted to create only resulted in the best outcomes.

"For the website, he went above and beyond to learn new methods and techniques in order to create the very ambitious project that we were asking for. This included a management of over 80 different biography pages, and individually linking each artist to their musical projects, websites, and other media. Frequently I would tell Erik, 'if this is too hard, don't worry about it' and he would always deliver, even if it truly was difficult. He worked right up to the last hours before launch, making sure that everything was perfect before we went live."
- Nate Horsfall, Project Director, Spectrum of Mana

"Working with Erik has been fantastic for Dead Pixel. He continues to deliver assignments in a timely manner. Erik has wonderful communication skills and easily understands any direction that might be thrown his way. We expect to do business with him for as long as we exist!"
- Ravi Jayant, Dead Pixel Entertainment

"Erik previously contributed to an album I directed called Harmony of a Hunter, a Metroid fan-arrangement album to mark the 25th Anniversary of the Metroid videogame franchise. Working with Erik was a pleasure. He always responded to my messages, was open to making changes and even collaborated with others. He always kept me in the loop with how things were going. He is a superb, high quality musician who is reliable, trustworthy and someone who can be counted on. I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again."
- Darren Kerwin, Project Director, Harmony of a Hunter

"I can't believe how much more life you brought to my song! I listened to my own mastered version and it sounds so weak in comparison. You did really great work, thank you!"
- Christian Escobar, The Plasmas

"Working with Erik on the 'Chiptunes = WTFLOL' release was an absolute blast and a real pleasure; I'm honestly looking forward to the next time we work together. Mostly because he has a very pet-able beard sometimes. Although music reasons too. I guess."
- Brandon Hood, President, Chiptunes = WIN