I'm Erik Peabody, composer and audio engineer. Whether you want original music created for your project, or need your own music mixed and/or mastered, I have the experience and toolset to get you the results that you're after.

This is also the home of Viking Guitar game music remixes, taking classic game music and reshaping it into a modern metal machine! For booking information, use the Contact page.

Erik Peabody

Photo by La Vie En Photos

Audio Examples

"K(no)w" by Fragile Utopia

Mixed/Mastered by Viking Guitar Productions

"Nick'o Time" by Super Soul Bros.

Mastered by Viking Guitar Productions


Composed, mixed, mastered by Viking Guitar Productions


Composed, mixed, mastered by Viking Guitar Productions

"Water Menu"

Composed, mixed, mastered by Viking Guitar Productions

* For more examples, go to the MIXING/MASTERING and COMPOSING pages.

Client Testimonials

"Erik is one of the best engineers I've had the opportunity to work with. For our Ecco the Dolphin compilation, Sound Waves, not only was he able to transform nearly three hours of music from 36 completely different groups and artists into a single cohesive album, but he did it promptly and to the highest standard of quality. In every interaction we've had, he has been professional, friendly, accommodating, and eager to help create an end-product specifically tailored to our needs. I look forward to working with him again on future projects, and I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a skilled musician or top-notch audio production."
- Ian Luckey, Patient Corgi

"Erik has provided custom and licensed tracks for me on multiple games now. Each time we started with a very professional Skype call so he could access the needs of each project. Erik really understood and implemented on my feedback at every stage, and worked closely with me to get to the final piece. Erik is now one of my go to composers when I need original music for my games. I am incredibly pleased with his results."
- David Logan, Game Producer

"After coming to a dead end with my own knowledge of mastering, I decided it was time to search for help. I started searching around and came across Erik's website, and after listening to his previous work I decided he was the guy for me. I sent him an email and within what seemed like minutes, I had a response and he was genuinely interested in helping me out. He has absolutely brought my tracks to life, and gave them exactly what I was looking for. He was willing to work with me and listen to suggestions, and answer any questions I had. He is an absolute professional, and this whole experience has been a pleasure. I will continue to work with Erik on any and every future project I have."
- Matt O'Rourke, Musician

"I had a blast working together -- it was always fun and exciting to see what you would send me next because it only kept getting better and better. The final product came out fantastic and I couldn't be happier. If and when I need more music I am definitely come straight back, you've got a new client for life! 10 out of 10 experience and I would recommend you to anyone!"
- Andrew Fowlkes, Tiger Mane Entertainment

"I can't believe how much more life you brought to my song! I listened to my own mastered version and it sounds so weak in comparison. You did really great work, thank you!"
- Christian Escobar, The Plasmas